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Retrouvailles [Levi x Reader]
Retrouvailles. [French. meaning: rediscovery] The joy of reuniting with someone after a long separation
    Levi could not, for the life of him, understand how you ended up in the underground. You were sweet, gentle, and beautiful. It was as though someone had decided to hide the brightest star in the galaxy in the dingiest place they could find. Fortunately for him, that brought you into his life. You deserved better than this, though. You had the potential for more, the possibility to live and love in the light of the sun. You should have been above ground with the clean air, the birds, the stars, not patching him up after fights or making him tea and yet you did so without complaint. A gentle tap interrupts his thoughts; you had set a cup of warm tea in front of him. 
    "Levi, what are you thinking about?" 
    He uncrossed his legs leaning forward from the creaky old couch to take his cup, "Nothing." 
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 49 6
I Am Not A Weenie [Levi x Reader]
Warning: Strong language. Don't read if you're uncomfortable.     
    "Shit," you hissed as you fell face forward.
    "Ha! That wasn't even half a minute," Your dark-haired boyfriend sneered. 
    "You try it then!" you yelled back. 
    He climbed unsteadily onto the surfboard of the bright blue arcade game. Hanji and Erwin supervised you and Levi. They had also put pillows literally everywhere because you two had insisted on playing and it was just like you two to get really, really, really drunk. 
    Levi grabbed the remote and put it on difficult mode. You watched him with a beer bottle in one hand. 
    He fell off almost immediately.
    He looked back at the machine with utter disgust. 
    "You dare throw me off," he said sternly, "I am a man. You are but a measly machine."
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 272 35
I am a Man [Drunk Levi x Reader]
    You wormed your way through the sweaty crowd of barely dressed and, more often than not, drunk people. You had gone to the restroom and lost track of Levi's location and that was dangerous since he was above drinking age and there was a bar. He wasn't an alcoholic by any means but it was hard to stop once he started.
    You found him at the bright blue bar and made your way towards him.
    "Levi!" you called as you squeezed out of the crowd and stumbled into his back. He was spinning a bottle of beer and his usually pale face was completely flushed. Your eyebrows furrowed.
    "How much had you had?" you asked taking the bottle he had in his hand from him. His face scrunched up like a child and he made a feeble attempt at grabbing the bottle.
    "Oh, you know," he said, "Two, three. Maybe ten."
    "Ten?" You remembered he had three before you went to the restroom. Thinking back, it was probably a bad idea to fix your m
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 792 159
Tell Me That You Love Me [Levi x Reader AU]
   You lazily scrolled down the pages on your MacBook Pro looking for a song that you liked.  As semester project, your music teacher had gotten the entire class to hold a concert sort of thing where each person would sing a song. You got bonus points for publicly dedicating a song to someone, whether it was from yourself or from someone else. You groaned as you went through lists of songs on Google. You snapped your laptop shut and turned on the TV. An episode of Victorious showed up on the screen. You turned over and laid on your stomach. Too lazy to change the channel, you continued to watch this show. As the episode came to a close, a song came on and your head shot up. You grinned and stretched over, turning on the laptop, you googled the song and found the lyrics. 
    Butterflies danced in your stomach as you wen
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 157 35
Sing for Me [Levi x Reader AU]
   You were in the music studio in your high school. Since you attended an extremely rich school, basically every program was so well funded it was almost ridiculous. However, it was very enjoyable to be able to hang out at the pool or play a piano at seven pm at school. Sometimes you closed the door and went into the recording booth and sang to your hearts content.  This particular evening you were playing the piano humming along to the tune of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony as your fingers danced across the ivory keys. You were alone until the door creaked open and you looked up. A smile spread across your face.
   "Hey, Levi," you said, removing your hands from the smooth instrument.
   "Why did you stop playing?" he asked, monotonous as ever. You turned around on the bench, "To talk to you, of course. What are you doing here?"
   "I was looking for you. I figured you would be here. Or the Library."
   It was just like him to know w
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 277 30
Take Your Time [Levi x Reader]
Levi kneeled down in the dirt. Normally he would be absolutely disgusted by the idea of doing so, and in white pants no less, but this had become a regular activity since the last expedition. He laid a little red rose on the ground before a gravestone with your name carved on it. He sat silently for a few seconds.
"Hey," he whispered.
"She can't even hear him. Why did he bother?" He thought. His hands clenched and his eyes stung.
"I'm sorry," he said.
It's not your fault.
"If I just got you on time," he said, his stoic mask beginning to crumble, "Sometimes, I think that maybe if I just left you, I wouldn't have to see you die in my arms. I think it may have hurt me less. How fucking selfish."
Your heart clenched at his words. It wasn't his fault, he shouldn't feel so bad.
"I know if you were here," but I am here, "You would say it isn't my fault," it's not, "But it is."
He fell silent. His hair had fallen in his face, hiding the tears th
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 177 22
Jellyfish [Levi x Reader AU]
"[Name]!" Hanji greeted from the door of the gift store. You smiled as a large sea lion stuffy fell on her head.
"Hey, Hanji, how's work?"
"Boring as usual," she responded, "The extra cash is nice, though."
"I bet," you responded. You visited Hanji at her part-time job at the aquarium every day after your volunteer job at the community center. She had taken a job here after her friend's mom offered it to her. She, in turn, made Levi take a job here too.You picked the sea lion off the ground and put it back on the shelf.
"Where's Levi?"
"Feeding the sharks," she replied, sticking a price tag on the bottom of a snow globe.
You waved goodbye and walked off.
You reached the shark tank and climbed up the stairs. You found Levi with a bucket of fish leaning against the railing, boredly throwing them into the tank. He looked up at you when you approached him.
"Hey, grumpy," you greeted.
"Tch," was his response.
You bent down and saw Buttons, the shark with a scar on its side that you decided
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 378 46
French [Levi x Reader High School AU]
It was weird that you could have full conversation based on topics ranging from the technological impact on human society to whether or not tomato was a fruit but still blush at the little things they did. Maybe they glanced at you from across the room. Or maybe it was an accidental brush of the hand. Whatever it may be it sent your face flaring up like a forest fire. Levi was always a very observant person, so, the chances that he didn't notice were rather slim.
However, the universe hates you and so it didn't stop there. For science, you were his lab partner. So obviously the little things to made your face burn were bound to happen multiple times.
Today, you had science class. You huffed as you took your seat next to him determined to keep any read from dawning onto your cheeks like the morning sun.
He glanced at you, “Well, aren't we excited today,” he said in his usual, monotonous and low voice.
“Well, y’know, science class. Who isn't excited?” you re
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 429 71
Oreos [Levi x Reader]
You snuggled closer to Levi as Simba walked dramatically in the rain to the top of Pride Rock. He reached for another Oreo from the box only to find that you had taken the last one and was about to eat it.
He looked at you before saying, "Hey give me that."
You blinked at him, "Why?" you asked a slight whine in your voice.
"You ate pretty much the entire box," he replied.
You waved the sugary cookie in his face, "You want it? Come and get it," you said before putting it in your mouth, a small bit still sticking out. He raised an eyebrow before leaning forward and brushing his lips against yours. Surprised your lips parted a bit and let out a light gasp and Levi took this chance to gently grip the treat with his teeth successfully stealing it away.
Your mouth hung open at the wizardry he just performed. He smirked at you as he ate the cookie, pretending to pay attention to Simba and Nala's new baby.
"You look rather smug," you said, pouting.
"Tch," was his only response. You decided to
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 1,125 406
Prince in Shining Armour [Levi x Reader]
You walked down the hallway towards your room intent on using your quick break to take a nap and regain some energy before you had to continue training, chores and possibly helping Hanji with her experiments. As you almost made it to your room, you heard shuffling and a muffled "ow" before Levi was stumbled in front you.
You smiled at him, "Hi, Levi, did you want something?"
"Nothing carry on," he said, stepping sideways allowing you to pass. He swung out his arm gesturing her to keep walking.
~Levi's POV~
Hanji grabbed Levi and hissed, "What the hell? That was a perfect opportunity and you blew it!"
"Shut up, shitty glasses."
"How long are you gonna wait?" Hanji whisper-screamed, "What? Christmas? New Years? Your 60th birthday?" she flung her arms out, standing on tip-toes and towering over him.
"Why is this so important to you?" He snapped back, "Don't answer that. I have better things to do." He stormed away. The worst part was that she was right. He had blown a perfectly good oppor
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 145 22
My Sunshine [Levi x Reader]
You flipped the page of the novel you were reading as you lounged lazily on the couch in Levi's office. He had given you the day off but you knew for a fact that he just enjoyed your company. For no particular reason, you started humming some songs.
"Shut up, idiot," Levi said, not looking up from his paperwork. You looked up from your book and smiled it him before starting to sing the first thing that came to mind.
"You are my sunshine," you sang gently, "My only sunshine," you continue lazily as he continues paperwork.
"Oi, brat, shut up," he growled even though he didn't really want you to stop. You get up and wrap your arms around him from behind.
"You make me happy, when skies are grey."
"You'll never know, dear, how much I love you," you sang softly before placing a quick kiss on his cheek, "Please don't take my sunshine away." When you were done you hopped away quickly, leaving him flustered but not showing it. His perfectly stoic face still g
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 266 89
Kiss Not Make Out
With the tray of food you were holding, you plunk down on the bench in front of Eren, Armin and Mikasa, also known as the Shingashina Trio making the two boys jump while Mikasa continued eating the nearly stale bread. It wasn't like you weren't friends with them but you were their superior. Your cadet friends usually had to confirm that you were not in fact here to kill them and then had to make sure they didn't piss you off. Their fear stemmed from three different factors.
One, you have a terrifying death glare.
Two, if you wanted to, you could gut them like a fish using nothing but a butter knife.
Three, a very fierce, very cranky captain would gauge the eyes out of anyone who put you in a foul mood.
You don't know about the third one. It was Hanji who suspected it, confirmed it, and then told quite literally everyone except you.
When you smiled and greeted them with a small, cheery "hey" they loosened up. Jean sat down in front of Mikasa five minutes into their meal. He smiled at Mi
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 179 15


Belle by FrozenStarRo Belle :iconfrozenstarro:FrozenStarRo 157 35
Levi X Reader | Wrong
Levi's poing of view
It was a day that could have been beautiful for the sun was rising hight in the sky without any clouds covering it, we could even hear some birds singing around. However, it was the only sound that I could hear. The head quarters of the Survey Corps were totally plunged into a deep and overwhelming silence. After the 57th expedition outside the walls, every single soldier was in mourning, we all had to bear the death of somebody we cared for. Even myself.
I had plenty of good reasons for being in such a distress. Our last expedition beyond the walls being unsuccessful. The grief and sorrow of having lost my entire squad. And also, the death that suddely tore too many soldiers away from their lives. Now, I was sitting in the large room where my former squad and myself used to drink our tea. The emptiness of the room felt really bad, I hadn't expected my squad to die so suddenly.
Erwin entered in the room with a few papers in his hands. I already knew what it
:iconweemelia:Weemelia 26 35
Marry Me /Levi x Reader AU/
// A/N: Levi may be OOC~//
“But I don’t want to wake uuuup”
    You whined as you turned away from Levi, he rolled his eyes and hid a smile that was threatening to show itself on his stoic features. You had stayed the night after bugging Levi all last week, you had been going out for three entire years and you have never once stayed the night. Sure it was because he wished to fulfill your wishes about not having sex until after marriage but that didn’t mean you two couldn’t sleep in the same bed.
    After seeing just how difficult it was being to wake you up, he glanced at the drawer next to him, inside was a red velvet box with a rock in it, it was a rock every woman had dreamt about at least once in their lives, it wasn’t just any rock though, it was placed on a golden band, it was a wedding ring. ‘Maybe I should re-think it if it’ll be this fucking difficult to wake her ass up in the morning
:iconsassy-but-classy:Sassy-but-Classy 47 30
the fall by klindicative the fall :iconklindicative:klindicative 161 5 Interwoven Worlds by Risachantag Interwoven Worlds :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 613 12 Seegetier by Schmiegel Seegetier :iconschmiegel:Schmiegel 23 29
I Owe You (Tetsuro Kuroo)
“Do you have it? Please tell me you have it...”
I sighed in minor annoyance as I handed him a small box. “Here. I stayed up until 3 AM last night just to finish it, so you better appreciate it.”
“Yes, yes, of course,” the bedheaded male said, grinning at me. This guy... I swear if he wasn't my friend and insistent on keeping me around, I'd throw him off a bridge. Though then again, his mother is probably one of my best customers, so pushing him off a bridge could result in pretty big loss in my profits...
He opened the box a bit, looking at the piece inside before nodding in approval. “Amazing as always. She'll love it for sure.” It was a simple necklace, but the woman he was talking about absolutely adored my creations. In fact, she probably had more of the jewelry I made than she could probably ever wear.
Sighing yet again, I gave Kuroo a light smack on the back of the head. “Next time you need a gift for your mother, order it wee
:iconwizzygamemaster:WizzyGameMaster 32 6
Cheer Me Up (Kageyama x F!Reader)
Author's Note: Hey everyone! This story's been on my mind for a while, so I'm happy that I finally got it written down. Hope you enjoy it, and please comment!
Disclaimer: Haikyuu belongs to Haruichi Furudate. I only own the plot d( ̄  ̄) 
Contains: volleyball joke and fluff
Kageyama eyed you weirdly as you sighed dejectedly. That was the fourth time in a row, which was a world record for you. Your level of hyperactivity rivaled that of Hinata, so seeing you in this state greatly worried him (and the rest of the team). You were going to become their next manager along with Yachi after all. 
"Kageyama, go say something to her," Hinata whispered emphatically to the setter.
"Huh? Why do I have to do it?" he asked.
"Why? Don't you like—?" Hinata's next words never came out because Kageyama slapped both his hands over his mouth.
"Quit running your mouth, dumbas
:icontsukkidaisuki:TsukkiDaisuki 31 18
Before He Lets Go (Kageyama Tobio x Reader)
“Who are you?”
She doesn’t remember him.
“I don’t want to live with you. You’re a stranger.”
She couldn’t love him if she doesn’t remember him.
Kageyama Tobio didn’t know pain till she said those words.
What was he supposed to do? What was he supposed to do when the love of his life couldn’t remember him? What was he supposed to do when she wanted to leave him because to her, he was nothing more than a stranger?
He’s tried everything.
He took her back to their apartment- nothing. He took her to the place they first met- nothing. He took her to the place they had their first date- nothing. He took her to the place he proposed- nothing.
Nothing, nothing, nothing. She remembers nothing.
All he wanted was for her to remember him.
He wanted to hold her in his arms again and tell her how the last few months have been hell for him. He wanted to w
:iconitsranko:itsranko 26 4
Kuroo Tetsurou :Plaza Trips and Sweet Lunches:
Shopping is typically very easy, you go in, get your stuff and you're out.
That was what you were hoping to do today until the idiot Kuroo Tetsurou decided to tag along without notice.
Sure it was definitely fine for him to trail around after you at school but on your free time?
Walking through the plaza’s center area just enjoying your weekend off minding your own business, glancing through passing customers and window shopping was supposed to be the easy relaxation day you’d planned for yourself.
Sitting on the fountain absentmindedly glancing through pennies to see which is the most preferable to your eyes.
You receive a tap on the shoulder, you turn to glance over and see Tetsurou standing hunched over to amount to your current height.
Chibi-chan, Hey.”
Saying this with that silly smirk he wears all the time, the captain then goes to sit down next to you. Immediately standing in an attempt to flee from his suave behavior, you begin to pull
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 33 10
blind [kageyama tobio]
note: attempt at writing something new. proceed with caution ⚠
You knew drinking with Kageyama when it's just the two of you was a bad idea. Two lightweights (not that he would ever admit it) looking to get drunk was a recipe for disaster.
But still, you accepted his invitation to get a few drinks and hang out. Your heart soared when he asked and you thought, who were you to decline?
Tragedy struck a few hours later, after definitely more than 'just a few drinks'. You felt like your head was in the clouds, and Kageyama looks like he's going to pass out anytime— you spoke to soon. He's knocked out.
You try to wake him up. "Oi, Kageyama." No response. You slapped his cheek lightly. "Heeeeey."
You sighed and tried to drag him out of his chair. Your strength is no match to his larger and heavier body and you nearly tumbled. Good thing the bartender took pity on you and helped you carry Kageyama into the cab he had the foresight to call the moment Kageyama passed out.
The ride h
:iconpotatingpotato:potatingpotato 32 10
sing these old flames down | kuroo tetsurou
kuroo tetsurou x f!reader
warning: profanity
college au
i don't know your name or who you are, but i think i'm in love with you, so hey, can i kiss you?
He's at a bar for Bokuto's birthday.
No surprise there, really, except Kuroo would much rather be at home and watching a shitty history documentary about the Mongols or something and not here, in a dark, sweaty hellhole filled with so much sexual tension he could spread it like peanut butter.
But it's Bokuto's birthday and he likes bars, so Kuroo grits his teeth and bears it because as much as he hates huge social gatherings, Bokuto is still his best friend.
He sits at the bar, his ass aching from the stiff leather of the jewel-encrusted bar stool he's planted himself on, and sips his whiskey, because what else is he supposed to do? Kenma's disappeared off somewhere, probably to make out with the cute bartender that'd been giving him bedroom eyes since they'd gotten there, and he's pretty sure Bokuto's smashed at this point
:iconpvlimpsest:pvlimpsest 92 33
Photo [Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader] Soulmate!AU {1/25}
Day 1 of the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge
Prompt: Snow

Soulmate!AU where the first words that your soulmate says to you are tattooed on your right wrist. When near your soulmate, the skin on the inside of your wrist feels tingly and sometimes hot.
“He might have thought that he had a stalker now. Seriously, why did you even take a picture of him in the first place? Wait, scratch that question. Who wouldn’t take a picture of a hot guy?” [Friend’s name] laughed, shaking her head. “Why would you leave the photo on his table, though?”
You sighed, knowing that she’d never let this go.
"Why did you even have your instant camera with you?"
You gestured meekly at the scene outside the window, which didn't do much in aiding your explanation. Your sleeve slipped up, revealing the words Yeah, I definitely know that it was you tattooed in cursive on the inside of your wrist. ”I've been carrying around my camera so that I
:icondeenotme:DeeNotMe 121 13
Hinata by GomiCake Hinata :icongomicake:GomiCake 102 11
[Kuroo] Figure It Out | 1
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
Part 1 // Part 2
"Too noisy..."
It was a miracle how you could hear Kenma’s voice over the sound of Yamamoto’s boisterous laughter in such a crowded place. Silently agreeing with the pudding-head setter, you continued sipping on your drink, feeling a little claustrophobic being squished between Kenma and Kai.
The members of the volleyball club often went out together like this after practice. Usually it’d be to the convenience store to grab a quick snack, but since practice ended early that day, they decided to go to a fast food restaurant for a bite. It wasn’t easy to find seats for ten people, which was why the entire team ended up sharing the largest table they could find in one corner of the restaurant.
Lev’s excited voice made you turn, glancing over Kenma’s hunched form, to where he was engaged with a zealous discussion with Yamamoto, both of them wearing large grins on the
:iconicyfalls:icyfalls 270 49
Waiting - Rin x Reader
    Waiting was the worst part; you had waited for the date of the flight, the line for security, the flight itself, and mostly, you waited for Rin.  You couldn't help but feel lost in the unfamiliar airport. Your magenta-haired boyfriend was nowhere to be seen, an you were starting to grow a little tense; you hadn't seen him in over a year, what if he changed? Or maybe he decided not to come? Shaking your head to suppress those thoughts, you tried searching through the crowded airport.
    "[Name]?" A familiar, yet so foreign, voice called out from array of people. 
Turning around harshly, you were met with brilliant magenta eyes that haunted your dreams.      "Rin..."  Unable to speak any more, you dove into his arms, letting all your doubts and feelings of uneasiness was away.  
    After a few moments, Rin spoke up.  "[Name]..."  Taking a deep breath, Rin pulled you closer to his body.  "
:iconnaomichibanchan:Naomichibanchan 139 27



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So there's an announcement. It's not relevant to my fics but I have more watchers on here than on my art account so I'm going to make it here. 

I am currently in the process of making a webcomic. 

A lot of my concepts are posted on my art instagram and my art blog

You can follow progress there or just check it out. If it's released I'd be really appreciative if you guys read it! 

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